Flying from New York in COVID: Please, Tell me What’s Essential? Guilt’s a Bitch

I’d like to ask the question, what is essential travel?

Last week, I flew from New York to New Mexico, passing through Denver, since there are no direct flights from that big infected Apple to the desert. It was the cruisiest air commute of my life. Security wasn’t too keen to pat me down, zippers remained zipped, the airport looked like Coney Island in winter and the woman sitting next to me on the first plane not only leaned away but also avoided all social niceties. On the second plane, I had a row and air hostess to myself.

Now, you may ask what New Mexico holds over New York, yes?   Other than a population density 26 times lower and aggression density 5000k times lower, it holds a job, a horizon and accommodation and food paid for. Is it worth the risk? I guess we’ll find out in 14 days.

Published by C0VID 0perations

A New Yorker in the time of Corona. This is not an ideal situation, but that's no reason to lose ideals. Trying to fight fear and hysteria through yoga, strolls (yes, 6ft from you), and the comic beauty that Corona can't kill.

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