Flying from New York in COVID: Please, Tell me What’s Essential? Guilt’s a Bitch

I’d like to ask the question, what is essential travel? Last week, I flew from New York to New Mexico, passing through Denver, since there are no direct flights from that big infected Apple to the desert. It was the cruisiest air commute of my life. Security wasn’t too keen to pat me down, zippersContinue reading “Flying from New York in COVID: Please, Tell me What’s Essential? Guilt’s a Bitch”

COVID Cravings, Call the Police

Pharmacies in NYC during Corona are the go-to spots for oat milk, nuts, sparkling water, taco shells, tampons, chewing gum, and cans of mushroom soup. Unlike grocery stores, CVS doesn’t have a Disney Land line. There has not been a drop of hand sanitizer or roll of three-ply toilet paper for two months, but countContinue reading “COVID Cravings, Call the Police”

Corona didn’t do it!

After killing three fish, I have struck again. The circumstances of the death warrant an argument that the Pigeon in question was suicidal. I could also say that I was doing the world a favor by eradicating a germ-harboring pest during a global pandemic. I further point to the fact that by killing the dumbestContinue reading “Corona didn’t do it!”

Three Dead Fish: Corona, I wish I could Blame you.

Seven days ago, we bought three fish. What was supposed to be the best idea since clippable hand sanitizer, turned into a massacre. This easy-care pet purchase was a Pandemic distraction. Outside of Corona times, there is no way I would have owned a pet with a woman I had been dating for two months.Continue reading “Three Dead Fish: Corona, I wish I could Blame you.”

No Clubs or Pubs: Drug Dealers sell Coke under Cherry Blossom Trees

A man limps towards me, dreadlocks tickling his bum, eyes darting up 6th Ave then back at me. ‘Molly, marijuana, ecstasy, LSD, mushroom, quaaludes.”“Not today,” I say.‘Coke?’Usually, the pedestrian crossing would be thick with eyes, but today, it’s just me and a dreadlocked dealer making a marketing pitch in the middle of the street. “HaveContinue reading “No Clubs or Pubs: Drug Dealers sell Coke under Cherry Blossom Trees”

COVID Operation: What day is it, NYC?

It’s Sunday, but that has become irrelevant. If I’m staying at my girlfriends, most days pass the same-Coffee, cuddles, sex, work, breakfast, run, shower, work, sex, lunch, work, yoga, stroll, wine, Netflix read.Today, Rona, our pet fish of thee days, died. I wish her death were symbolic of Corona’s slow demise, but outside this dim-litContinue reading “COVID Operation: What day is it, NYC?”

Hello, from 6ft Away

Hello, fellow humans. Welcome to COVID Operations. My first post is a small brief about this Operation. COVID’S contagion is joy, laughter, and stories written from a 4th floor apartment in New York City. I am here to keep sane during this global pandemic. Fear is spreading across the globe. Let’s slow the rate ofContinue reading “Hello, from 6ft Away”